I’m no fan of Gordon Brown, but…

The Medialens Bulletin Board on Gordon Brown’s Observer article about terrorism:

Andy posted this further down but thought I would re-post to point out just how cynical/clued-up the comments underneath this article is. For instance, the first one that says ‘you are a bigger threat to us than Al-Qaeda could ever be’ has been ‘recommended’ over 500 times and another parroting the war propaganda has been recommended a mere 14 times.

If this was published to gauge public opinion then Number 10 should be very very worried

I think Medialens is understating the matter, this comment has been recommended 507 times:

The biggest threat to Brtish freedom, security and wealth is not AQ but Gordon Brown and his actions over the past decade. He has personally done more damage than AQ could dream of.

If this is a gauge of public opinion then we should all be worried, or perhaps it only goes to show you can’t be too careful.

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