Anti Fascism

Hope Not Hate Manchester

From Hope Not Hate

I’ve just got back from the Hope not Hate launch event at Manchester Cathedral – where I was joined by three Bishops, representatives of other faiths and a Holocaust survivor. 

At the event I announced that we’ve set a target of recruiting 2500 supporters in Manchester in the next 48 hours.  

Within minutes, new supporters started to flow in. 

But I need your help to make this goal – I want 1000 of our supporters to invite their Manchester based friends, family and collegues to join the campaign. And I’d like you to be one of the first to do it –

It’ll only take you a minute or so and you’ll be helping us build the campaign in Nick Griffin’s target region – the front line in our battle against racism and hate. The campaign’s already taking shape in Manchester – and with your help we’ll be adding thousands of new supporters in the next few hours. 

Please invite your friends to join the campaign now –

Manchester is going to be an important target for the BNP – and Nick Griffin will undoubtedly generate a lot of press coverage. But we’ll win if we organise – and with your help we’ll do just that. Let’s not let up on the BNP and let them in through the back door. Get your friends involved in our Manchester campaign –

Thanks for all that you’re doing – we’re building something quite special.