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Epping Forest BNP Watch

I was born in Epping, and I am a proud Essex boy. Therefore, I can’t begin to tell you how delighted I am to see a new blog on the block – Epping Forest BNP Watch.

EFBNPW, as I’m sure it won’t come to be known, provides a first rate and forensic commentary on the activities of the local fascists, in my home country. With the kind permission of the blog, we’ll be running regular items from its pages on Harry’s Place.

Here’s the first.

Glorification of attack on local Asian

The Neo-Nazi internet forum Stormfront, which is frequented by many members of the BNP, has yet again seen celebration of a violent attack on another innocent ethnic minority local. The Asian teenager from Epping has undergone reconstructive surgery on his face following the brutal attack, which Stormfront members found hilarious.

A similar violent attack on a 34 year-old black man in Debden, Loughton, also evoked mirth among the Neo-Nazis, who celebrated attack as an act of ‘resistance‘.

The recent racist attack took place in Harlow, where the BNP is attempting to set up a local party branch. It is no coincidence that racist violence rises wherever the BNP becomes established and racism is perceived as tolerable and even acceptable.

One Stormfront user said: “The Pakistanis and Hindus serve as racial cover for the Jews hiding out in Britain, so they are immediately protected by the Jewish press.”

The BNP likes to portray itself as tough on crime, but it is led by men who have criminal convictions for incitement and violent racist attacks and who are inspired by antisemitic ideology,

Epping Forest BNP have no qualms about this, inviting veteran Nazi and fervent antisemite Richard Edmonds to speak at a branch meeting in February. Among Edmonds’ series of convictions is his involvement in a vicious bottle attack on a mixed race couple in a pub in East London in 1993. One-time right-hand man of the openly Nazi John Tyndall and now a member of BNP leader Nick Griffin’s inner circle, he has made no secret of his absolute hatred of Jews and contempt for black people.

Broadway ward’s BNP councillor Pat Richardson is close friends with convicted thug Tony Lecomber, who was once imprisoned for planning a nail bomb terrorist attack in the 1980s and assaulting a Jewish teacher in the 1990s as well as attacking fellow BNP member Eddy Butler at Loughton tube station and plotting to assassinate a cabinet minister.

The BNP’s politics goes well beyond meaningful debate about immigration. Violence and intimidation are the BNP’s basic tactics and intimately bound up with their Hitler-inspired racial supremacism. Attacks on Black and Asian locals are privately justified and celebrated. A party that is led by violent criminals and which glorifies in violent criminal acts should not be in local government.