Bungle is a Have-A-Go Hero!

So reports MPACuk:

What actually happened for those who do not know, is an intruder tried to break into the house of Inayat in the middle of the night. Inayat’s 3 year old child was sleeping as was his pregnant wife, woken by the noise of a man who at first tried to kick in the front door and then failing that, smashed the downstairs window. Inayat confronted the intruder and in the scuffle the intruder was stabbed.

The CPS will not be proceeding against him.

Gregg in the comments on Sunday noted:

Delicious dissonance impending for the Mail if it turns out he stabbed an illegal intruder.

Quite so!

The rest of the MPACuk post is worth reading, for comedy value:

Until Muslims start to stand up, we may as well give up on the word freedom and prepare ourselves for slavery.

They think that a cabal of drunk Zionists tried to break into Bungle’s house, and it is a huge conspiracy against “the Muslims”, or something.