The Guardian reports:

Labour MP Keith Vaz was under fresh pressure today as new details emerged of his alleged interference in a court case on behalf of an associate.

The Daily Mail produced a letter that the MP had written, in his capacity as chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, urging the adjournment of proceedings.

The case involved Shahrokh Mireskandari, a Labour donor whose law firm, Dean and Dean, was being sued for £400,000 by an airline.

The Mail said Vaz and Mireskandari regularly socialised, with the lawyer securing hospitality for the MP and his wife at Wembley football matches, pop concerts and other events.

In a letter to the high court written on House of Commons notepaper on June 19 last year, Vaz said: “We are deeply concerned about the apparent way in which this ethnic-minority firm of solicitors has been dealt with.

“We have received a number of complaints from community representative authorities about this matter.

“The matter is now before the OJC (Office for Judicial Complaints).

“In such circumstances it seems appropriate that the hearing should be adjourned pending the conclusion of the OJC’s investigation.”

The Mail has the letter

Mireskandari is a qualified lawyer, in much the same way that Gillian McKeith is a doctor. 

He is also a convicted criminal. 

His firm attempted to sue Harry’s Place, on behalf of the fugitive Hamas commander, Mohammed Sawalha. However, everything has gone rather quiet on that front.