Anti Fascism

BNP Not Welcome in Leigh

From Hope Not Hate

The BNP are planning a huge fundraising event this weekend in Leigh. Nick Griffin will be attending the “Pure” Nightclub in an attempt to drum up funding for the BNP’s European election campaign.

We need to send the message that their racist ideology isn’t welcome in any part of our country.

To do this we’re going to do something a little different – we’re uniting with a number of local community figures to write to the local paper, the Wigan Evening Post.

Our letter is clear and simple – it says that the vast, vast majority of people reject the BNP’s disgraceful and damaging lies. But to prove our point we need your help. We’re asking our supporters to co-sign this letter as well – so instead of three or four people sending a message, hundreds of people will.

Just imagine the impact of a letter going to a local paper with that many signatures. Read and then co-sign the letter now –

The BNP will be rolling out all the stops for this event. But we need to expose the truth behind their lies – and with hundreds of us endorsing this statement, what better way is there to do it?

We need your help to make this happen – co-sign the letter and then invite your friends to do the same.

We had an amazing response to our petition to stop the BNP’s march in Liverpool. We won because we united and took action – we need to do the same again.