Standing Up To The Jihadists

Here is a press release from the Sufi Muslim Council:

The Sufi Muslim Council condemns outright the action of a small number of fanatics that disrupted the home coming parade of The Royal Anglian Regiment in Luton yesterday. Their actions are an offense to decent people living in the United Kingdom and their antics should not be seen in any way to represent British Muslims. It is apparent that these individuals do not want to live in an integrated multi cultural society and there is no place for their abhorrent views.

We also demand that the authorities investigate the individuals behind these despicable acts and it is disappointing that the Bedfordshire Police were led to arrest ordinary citizens for disorder issues whilst these individuals were allowed to peddle their sick views. The Police must take action to review further decisions as to whether they will allow these demonstrations in the future.

Furthermore, we call on all people of all denominations to stand united in rooting out this evil and vile ideology.