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Fundamentalists and crazy end-times prophecies

This is a guest post by Seismic Shock

World expert on religious fundamentalism Stephen Sizer has a piece on his blogtoday about the American end-times Christians who aren’t really sure whether or not Barack Obama is the “anti-Christ”. And of course, it all seems rather silly.

Moreover, Rev Sizer explains:

their prophetic declamations have more to do with right wing political positions than actual insights into biblical prophecy. It’s never been about having any kind of informed perspective on God’s purposes and plans. Its about advancing a particular sectarian political agenda under the smoke screen of “the Bible says.”

As Rev Sizer points out, using certain interpretations of a religious text to justify sectarian political agendas isn’t a good idea. Presumably, that’s what he told the good folk of the Voice of Palestine conference back in May 2008.

Yet perhaps not all of the participants were paying attention in Rev Sizer’s talk. Only a few hours later, here’s what South African scholar Sayid Abdillah Hosseini had to say in his lecture:

After analyzing the prophecy about Israel in Al-Qur’an, I came to a conclusion: Declining of Israel will be occurred at 2022!!

So why not read the full text of the prophecy?

Here’s an excerpt:

Year of Conquer

• Word ( وليدخلوا ) (They will enter) is the 76th word from the beginning of the prophesy.

• As each word is representing one year then it means that the year that Masjedul Aqsa will be conquered is 76 years after their establishment at 2022.


• The Word (وعد) (The Promise) is 72th word the prophesy.

• 72 x 19 = 1368= 1948 The year of establishment of Israel.


• The word (الاءخرة the last promise) is 73rd word of prophesy.

• 73 x 19 = 1387 HQ

• In 1387=1967 Israel was 19 years old and has already occupied lands and established herself and completed the transgression.


• The word (وليدخلوا and they will enter) is the 76th word of the prophesy also.

• 76×19=1444=2022

2022 verse

• The total verses from beginning of Chapter Baqara up to beginning of Chapter Israel is:

2022 Verse

This belief even has its own facebook group.

Oh dear!