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Hitting home?

According to a rather shocking poll revealed in Today’s Daily Mirror domestic violence is on the increase with:

“one in five [women feeling that men]  are justified in lashing out if their partner is dressed in revealing clothes. One in seven believes violence is justifiable if she is nagging or moaning at him. And one in 10 thinks they would deserve a slap if caught flirting with other blokes.”

However, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been accused of using “gimmicks” and “spin”. in order to get her point across.

I wonder if our readers think this is a fair criticism of Smith and her plans for  a domestic violence register (presumably along the lines of the sexual offenders one.) Or if violent offences against women are actually on the increase due to the Mirror’s suggestions (rap music and gang culture etc) or (for that matter) for whatever reason. Will the “credit crunch” cause more middle-class domestic abuse I wonder?

Is this mere “spin” or should we be a lot more worried about it? Over to you.