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Convoy Attacked

Some readers may be familiar with the long running television programme Top Gear.

It started life what seems like decades ago as a run of the mill motoring show broadcast on Sunday evenings on BBC2, but has over the years morphed into something a bit more entertaining – a cross between What Car? and Men Behaving Badly.

A recent episode had the three British presenters driving deep into Redneck country in the Deep South with the slogans ‘Nascar Sucks’, ‘Manlove Rules’ and something positive about Hilary Clinton sprayed onto the sides of their vehicles.

Mayhem ensued.

It looks like certain members of the Viva Palestina convoy, still in Egypt and deep in Fatah-supporting country, are going to learn how the hapless presenters felt as the local pickup-driving, red meat-eating, Billy-Bobs sniffed the air and loaded their shotguns.

I have just spoke to brother Naveed (A-Team), he says that during the power cuts there have been some incidents, where “locals in the town” began attacking the generator with stones and other projectiles and then after a while the lights came back on. A short time later the power again went off and this time projectiles were thrown towards the convoy vehicles and 5 memebrs of the convoy have been injured some with gashes accross their head.  Vans and trucks have also been grafetied with anti-Hamas propaganda.

I wondered if this was all going to end badly when I witnessed Galloway on You Tube calling for the violent overthrow of the Egyptian Government weeks before announcing his plans to visit the country.