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Combat Stress: An Appeal to Readers of Harry’s Place

Harry’s Place readers, I am after your wallets and purses.

I am running a half-marathon in Blackpool on April 5, to raise money for Combat Stress, the UK mental health charity for veterans. Sponsoring me is easy. Go to and donate online, or send a cheque made out to ‘Combat Stress’ to Professor Alan Johnson, 3 High Tenterfell, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4PG.

You may have seen the appeal by Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry for veterans suffering from combat stress. Combat Stress is the only Services UK charity specialising in the treatment of veterans with service related psychological injuries.

It has three short stay specialist treatment centres in Surrey, Shropshire and Scotland. Last year Combat Stress received 1,160 new referrals, including 185 from the ongoing conflict in Iraq and 30 from Afghanistan – the youngest of whom is only 20 years old, bringing to nearly 8,500 the number of veterans in the care of Combat Stress.

The training is going as well as you’d expect for a 46 year old pen-pusher.

Thanks to Harry’s Place readers for supporting Combat Stress.

Alan Johnson (Editor,