Do Something!

Stalin Purged!

This evening the School have provocatively sacked Stalin Bermudez following a kangaroo court that has brought SOAS’ disciplinary procedure into disrepute. Officers of the School were involved in manufacturing false witness statements against Stalin, and the repudiation of those rigged statements by the witnesses themselves have been ignored by the disciplining officer.

SOAS UNISON are calling an emergency branch meeting at 9.30 tomorrow morning (Wednesday) outside the main building (see UNISON email below). In accordance with the motion of support for Stalin passed at our last branch meeting, SOAS UCU Exec calls on all SOAS UCU members to join our UNISON colleagues in protest at Stalin’s sacking.

Join us on the steps of SOAS at 9.30 Wednesday morning (3 March).

Graham Dyer

SOAS UCU President


Emergency SOAS UNISON Branch Meeting – 9.30am, Wednesday 3 March 2009, Outside main SOAS Building, Russell Square

We received notification at 5pm this afternoon that the School has summarily dismissed our Branch Chair, Joseph Stalin Bermudez, following the Disciplinary Hearing last Tuesday.

I have called an Emergency Branch Meeting of the SOAS UNISON Branch (details above) in line with previous Branch decisions to discuss our response to this outrageous act.

I would urge every SOAS UNISON member to attend this meeting so that the School can be in no doubt as to the strength of feeling within the Branch over this and the action our Branch will take.

Stalin has consistently stood up for fairness and justice for UNISON members. Now he needs us to repay that with the strongest show of solidarity possible.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

Sandy Nicoll

SOAS UNISON Branch Secretary