Man Frightened by Peace

Great news for those weary travellers on the Great Children’s Crusade to the Holy Land reaches Harry’s Place.

This morning it was announced…that Egypt has agreed to let the convoy through to Gaza to the cheers of all the people and to the relief of our convoy members. It will be one less matter to worry about and to only concentrate on the noble goal they set out to achieve when their vehicle rolled from the UK on the 14th February.

But not eveyone is allowing their joy to overshadow the hardships.

Talking to WalesOnline convoy member Greg Cullen reflected on recent troubles experienced by him and his comrades before wondering nervously what further problems might be in store for them:

“Tunisia is a country where lots of British people go on holiday but for us it’s been the most frightening place so far.”

I can see why the mass arrests and official harrasment might have been frightening, Greg, but what about putting the convoy in the safekeeping of Colonel Ghaddafi?

“Who knows what will happen in Libya but the country we’re really frightened about is Egypt.

Egypt? Not Libya? Why is that then?

“They have a massive security force and a peace accord with Israel.”

A Peace Accord with Israel? Now that really is terrifying.