Ibrahim Moussawi Appointed Hezbollah’s Media Relations Officer

Ibrahim Moussawi has now been appointed the Media Relations Officer of the terrorist group, Hezbollah.

He plans to travel to the United Kingdom next month

Moussawi was famously reported as having described Jews as “a lesion on the forehead of history

He has worked for some time as Hezbollah’s propagandist, working as the Head of Political Programming the fiercely and viciously antisemitic Al Manar television station.

Al Manar:

–  broadcast “Diaspora”, a dramatisation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, in which Jews were depicted planning the Holocaust, and murdering children to drink their blood; 

– broadcast the anti-semitic lie that Jews were pre-warned of the 9/11 attacks and escaped death;

– has been banned in Spain and in France for “inciting racial hatred”.

Put simply, Moussawi’s job involves inciting hatred against Jews. 

There are many groups in Britain who believe that an exclusion order is the appropriate governmental response for a person who incites hatred:

The Muslim Brotherhood/MAB

The Muslim Association of Britain MAB (UK) supports the decision of home office not to grant entry to Dutch MP Geert Wilders to enter Britain after his making of the film Fitna in which he made his racial and religious hatred as well as racist comments. The freedom of speech does not give to any person the right to insult 1.3 billions Muslims. In Britain, the Muslim community denounced the release of the film because of its contents as well as its lies and fabrications.

Dr. A. Aziz said: “ The freedom of one person stops when it infringes on other people freedoms. Racism and religious hatred should not be allowed in a multicultural, a multifaith British society where we have all spend efforts, time and money to celebrate our rich diversity and improve our social cohesion. This Dutch MP is a bad role model for the British youth and he should not be given free publicity in the UK let alone in the power house of the UK parliament.”+

The Muslim Council of Britain

Geert Wilders has been an open and relentless preacher of hate, there is little difference between his views and those of the far right. We have no problem with the challenge of criticisms to our faith, but the film that will be screened tomorrow by Lord Pearson and Baroness Cox is nothing less than a cheap and tacky attempt to whip up hysteria against Muslims. 

Mr Wilders’ xenophobic and repugnant views have been identified by a Dutch court, and are now confirmed by his official exclusion to the United Kingdom. It is now time to ask why Peers of Realm who promote such demagogues without any censure are allowed to be regarded as mainstream, responsible leaders in our community. 

Jamaat-e-Islami/Islamic Forum Europe

The British government’s decision to ban preacher of hate, Dutch MP Geert Wilders from visit the UK, was the correct decision. His film Fitna is nothing but incitement to hatred. “While we find it hard to understand what useful purpose the invitation extended by certain members of the Lords to this Islamophobe serves, we are pleased that he was refused permission to enter Britain. He openly declared his intention of depicting the Qur’an as a violent and warmongering text” said Muhammad Habibur-Rahman, President of Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE). 

Commenting on those who have vocalised opposition to the government’s decision on the grounds of freedom of expression Muhammad Habibur-Rahman said “While I agree that freedom of speech is one of our most precious freedoms of all, I also accept that there is a dividing line between freedom of speech and incitement to hatred and violence. Mr Wilders film Fitna crosses that line; it unashamedly appeals to anti-Islamic sentiments and conflates terrorists with peaceful Muslims. But sinister champions of Free Speech have been up in arms! We didn’t hear their voices of opposition when prominent Muslims Scholar Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi was refused entry for medical treatment. Their hypocrisy and anti-Muslim sentiment is clear for all to see.” *

The British Muslim Forum

The BMF extends its support and gratitude to the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith for her decision to prevent Geert Wilders from entering the UK.

The film, Fitna, is not a documentary.  A documentary is based on fact – and this is wholly inaccurate in the statements it makes about Islam.  This is not an issue of freedom of speech.  This film does not call for a debate.  It serves no purpose other than to incite hatred – condemning over a billion people on the basis of its fallacies.  The Chairman of the BMF, Sahibzada Muhammad Habib ur Rahman said “We, as British Muslims, are proud that we are part of a country that has very strict laws preventing such attacks on all members of its society.”

The BMF, since its creation, has been outspoken in its condemnation of extremism in all forms.

I look forward to hearing that this most vicious of professional hatemongers has been banned from the United Kingdom. 

I fully expect all these organisations, even now, to be lobbying the Home Secretary for a ban on Moussawi; and when it is granted, I expect that they will lead the public’s applause.