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Pushing the boundaries and arguing for a different world?

Speaking of environmentalists, here’s another committed individual talking about his hard line stance on aviation.

Environmental issues is one area where I don’t yield much, and frankly when people snort angrily about Plane Stupid that gives me even more pleasure. The fight will only be won by constantly pushing the boundaries and arguing for a different world. To that extent, I think sometimes even I become too pragmatic instead of idealistic.

When does pragmatism cross into hypocrisy? It could be perhaps somewhere around here? Via David Thompson.

I happen to agree with Sunny that the environment is an important issue, however even I think it is perhaps too important an issue for posturing middle class nimby wankerism masquerading as radicalism to deal with. And even those with extreme views on climate change are not convinced by Plane Stupid’s campaign’s environmental credentials.