Sunny asks:

What’s the difference between a Muslim who calls someone a ‘dirty kaffir’ and Carol Thatcher calling someone a ‘golliwog’?

Answer: A Muslim (although I do not agree with Sunny’s decision to use the term Muslim here, since it runs the risk of making the same mistake Wilders makes) who calls someone a “dirty kaffir”, in the context Sunny is putting forward, is probably an Islamist extremist who sees himself as part of a violent struggle against a pluralistic society. Some of them have gone further than calling people dirty, they have incited violence. Some of them have killed.

Whereas Carol Thatcher is a thoughtless upper-class wanker, like Prince Harry. I have yet to see evidence of her setting up training camps on the Essex border or arguing those who insult her mother should be beheaded.

Sunny has the solution to this thorny problem:

One has to be pretty stupid to believe we don’t already have to watch what we say all the time: going to an interview, chatting up someone attractive, or trying to help a distraught friend. It’s called etiquette.

Modern civilisation depends on these shared norms and values.

Behead those who insult Islam

A small matter of etiquette?