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Jacqui Smith’s hypocrisy on Geert Wilders

Peter Tatchell says:

“The Home Secretary is guilty of gross hypocrisy. She gives visas to demagogues who incite violence and murder, while banning from the UK a Dutch MP who has never incited violence against anyone,” said human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

“Jacqui Smith has refused Dutch MP Geert Wilders permission to enter Britain on the grounds that his presence would damage community relations and threaten public order. I do not agree with Mr Wilders, but he has never threatened violence against Muslims.

“The Home Secretary regularly grants visas and work permits to Jamaican reggae singers who openly incite the murder of lesbian and gay people. Incitement to murder is a very serious criminal offence. The Home Office and Metropolitan Police also allow radio stations and record stores to promote their murder-inciting CDs.

“Last November, Jacqui Smith gave Jamaican reggae singer Bounty Killer (Rodney Price) permission to perform at a concert in east London. He had been banned from Guyana earlier in 2008 over his murderous lyrics, but the British government said he was welcome to sing in the UK.

“It is double standards to ban Geert Wilders and not Bounty Killer.

“Even if I disagree with certain political and religious leaders, I do not support them being banned from the UK, unless they incite violence. That is why I oppose the exclusion of Geert Wilders and others such as Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam in the US. It is more effective to challenge and defeat their ideas in open debate, than to suppress them via the bureaucratic ruse of a banning order.

“Bounty Killer helps reinforce and legitimate gang violence by encouraging, glorifying and celebrating the killing of gay people. His negative impact goes way beyond the gay community. He psyches up a whole generation to see hatred and violence as cool and street cred.

“For the sake of parents whose sons have been murdered in gang attacks, it is time we closed the door on Bounty Killer and similar murder music singers,” urged Mr Tatchell.

Watch this video of a Bounty Killer concert, where he openly incites the crowd: “Faggot, I kill every one of them”:

Mr Tatchell wrote to the Home Secretary, setting out six reasons why she should revoke Bounty Killer’s visa and work permit (a copy of the letter follows below).

Three months later, Jacqui Smith has failed to give any credible justification for allowing Bounty Killer to perform in the UK.

Some Bounty Killer songs

Another Level

Bun a fire pon a puff and mister fagoty (Uh huh)

(Burn a fire on poofs and faggots (Uh huh))

Poop man fi drown an dat a yawd man philosophy (Uh huh)

(Shit men [queer men] must be drowned and that’s a yardy man [Jamaican] philosophyO

Man A Badman

You know we need no promo to rub out dem homo
(You know we don’t need prompting to rub out [kill] a homo)

Look Good

Mi ready fi go wipe out this fag wid pure laser beam
(I’m ready to go wipe out this faggot with a pure laser beam)