Two cheers for a Jew

Here is a brief summary of Rabbi Lionel Blue’s (the best of a bad bunch) Thought for the Day, as provided by Platitude of the Day.

The Holy Land isn’t very holy at the moment. It’s full of religion. Unfortunately it’s the wrong type of religion – the religion that divides people rather than the good sort which is usually so good at emphasising our common humanity. Every war that Israel wins creates bigger problems with an escalating price to pay. There are small efforts at building bridges between the Israelis and the Palestinians, but they are swamped under the sectarian hatred that emanates from both sides. Each new generation must learn to hate anew. If the Invisible Magic Friend would just stop people hating for one generation, then I’m sure we could just sort it all out oursevles after that.

Here is the praise given to the good rabbi by a listener, Peter Holland, on the BBC’s Feedback programme this week.


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