Internet exposes dark side of humanity again

Jade Goodey is dying of cervical cancer. Despite the Daily Mail’s touting of a miracle cure, the news does not look good. Facebook is apparently where some feel they have to make comments about this personal tragedy:

The Facebook group, I F***ing hate Jade Goody, which has more than 600 members, had dozens of people posting messages saying they were glad cancer could kill her.

One entry, by a member from Portsmouth, says: ‘she’ll be dead soon… thank God!’.

Another, from London, rants: ‘She’s a vile, brainless bully. she is using a disease that kills thousands a year as a PR exercise.’

Many of the ghoulish comments say the disease is ‘karma’ for Goody because of her bullying behaviour towards Bollywood actress shilpa shetty on Celebrity Big Brother two years ago.

Jade Goody has two sons, aged four and five.

What is it about the internet that so coarsens the humanity of some individuals?

David T adds:

I was very moved by this short opinion piece by my friend, Bryony Gordon, in the Torygraph:

There is a snobbery towards Jade that was never present when the journalist John Diamond wrote about his battle with throat cancer, or when Ruth Picardie, author of Before I Say Goodbye, did the same with her breast cancer. Perhaps that is because they chose the upmarket press, were intelligent and didn’t find success through a tacky reality television show. Because if most people were honest, the only place they want to encounter people like Jade is behind a supermarket checkout.

Well, Jade is not going to go down without a fight, and good on her. Her IQ may not be impressive, but her desire to leave her two sons with a future – even if it is by a means that many find unpalatable – shows a dignity and stoicism that we should all admire.

Jady Goody is only 27, and it is a terrible shame.