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The anti-Israel neo-fascists of Hungary

Blogger Adam Holland has an excellent post about the neo-fascist, black-shirted Magyar Garda movement in Hungary and their parent party, Jobbik.


Magyar Garda and Jobbik are notable for their vicious anti-Roma position (Hungarian police recently banned an anti-Roma rally they had planned) and their somewhat more modulated antisemitism. BNP leader Nick Griffin addressed one of their rallies in Budapest.

Of special interest is Krisztina Morvai, Jobbik party candidate for European Parliament. She is a former member of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. As a member, she seemed to devote most of her attention to the maltreatment of Arab women in Israel.

Certainly there are many ways in which Israeli Arab women suffer from mistreatment and discrimination. But there are dozens of countries where women, on the whole, have it far worse. So when a leading figure of a far-right party singles out Israel for attention, it raises suspicion of her sincerity.

The Hungarian government replaced her on the CEDAW in 2006 with Andrea Peto, who happens to be Jewish. Complaining about her replacement, Morvai accused Peto of being a “well-known Zionista.”

Now Morvai has filed a lawsuit with the Hungarian Supreme Court against the leaders and military commanders of Israel accusing them of crimes against humanity.

The “charges” are precisely the same as those routinely made by the anti-Israel Left.

Earlier Morvai (wearing the obligatory keffiyeh) spoke at an anti-Israel demonstration in Budapest, attended by members of the Magyar Garda.


Do Israel’s leftwing enemies ever wonder about such things?

At least the neo-fascists have no illusions about whom they’re opposing and whom they’re supporting, and why. What’s the Left’s excuse?