Nothing to be worried about

There is a website that calls itself the Jewish Internet Defense Force, that is described on Wikipedia as:

an online organization that seeks to remove material from the Internet which its members believe promotes or praises Islamic terrorism and racial hatred, in particular on sites they deem to be antisemitic and anti-Israel in nature.

Here are some of the Facebook sites they highlight:

thank you Hetler ……jews’s holocaust
664 members

Notice that although the logo makes the rhetorical point that anti-zionism is not “anti-semetic”, the group’s name rather gives the game away.

Here’s an odd one. A relatively small group that was apparently originally called “KILL ALL JEWS” and has a logo to match, has been retitled:

This is what the article claims:

*Somehow this group’s name changed to “Boycott Jewish Companies” – despite the fact that group admins cannot change group names, once created. Therefore, someone @ Facebook must have permitted this, or took the liberty to change the name of the group on their own. Meanwhile, the person who created the original “kill the Jews” group apparently gets to keep his account?

That seems odd to me. All the other groups have kept their names.

But let’s keep this in perspective. There are Facebook groups with many more members than these. For example, this one:

After all, by signing up to these groups, you’re announcing your genocidal and racist intentions publicly – and who but the hardest of hardcore would do that.