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Subject: The Babarit of the Israeli mindest
From: “Noel Douglas” <Noel.Douglas@>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 10:05:52 +0500
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hi everyone,

did anyone see the reports from Gaza on Channel 4 this week?


and the report today in the Guardian today on the psychological cost to Gaza’s children of the war and the Occupation?


Whilst I agree comparisions with the Nazis are inaccurate, there issomething similar in the sheer barbarity, sadism and enjoyment gainedover how this war was waged: Desecrating graves? Destroying peopleshomes in front of them? Israeli army soliders standing and watching whilst the Red Cross attempts to take people on stretches out of houses to ambulances that are deliberately being blocked by those self same soliders? Phosoporous, dart and other illegal bombs weapons used on


Watch here for the hatred:


Look here for the Settlers enjoying the action from their hilltops:


It’s quite obvious Israel wants to wipe out the Palestinians completely, how any people on this list can defend these actions through their continued support of Israel is truly shocking to me, similarly it gives me little hope for academia that so many others on here want to tell those resisting what they ‘should’ do, or that we should see both sides of the arguments as they sit in their comfortable positions in the UK.

It’s ironic that one of the reasons Josh Robinson tried to get me kicked out of UCU was because I described those who support Israel on this list as lacking humanity “this apparently is anti-semitic, watch and read those reports and tell me, as a human being that you can justify that.

I would now say anyone who supports in Israel even if like Engage you pretend to care about the Palestinians and ‘peace’ you are in fact supporting the annihilation of a people, and you call me anti-semitic?!



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A selection of the wit and wisdom of Noel Douglas on the UCU Activists List:

The first concentration camps were set up for Communists and Socialists like myself (you seem to have missed them of your list of victims of the Nazis), Fascism is not specifically about killing Jews but destroying the left

Yes anti-semitism is a problem in the world, but it is nowhere near as much a problem as Islamophobia at the moment

I know [Israel] was set up in the aftermath of the Holocaust, I understand the Jewish concern in that sense, but it doesn’t alter the fact that Zionism went to the side of Imperialism

I think Israel and the Zionist project which drives it is structurally driven to violence and oppression, aligned as it is with US Imperialism and there, therefore can be no just peace without a one secular state being created where Jews and Arabs live side by side.

So therefore to me, to support Israel, even if you think there is a ‘good’ Israel that can be separated from the ‘bad’ Israel, a distinction which doesn’t stand up to investigation of the evidence of the *actual* actions of the Israeli State means that I would say you implicitly support the dehumanisation of a whole people, the Palestinians, therefore I think you lack some humanity and are being wilfully blind.

What the USA does do, however is fund and arm to the teeth Israel so despite being a tiny country Israel has the 4th largest army in the world, which is why Israel is unique in the world compared with other bad regimes or governments that commit human rights abuses.