Argentina, as if it were Israel

This is a guest post by Eamonn McDonagh of Z Word

Over at Apuntes Urbanos, the anonymous blogger has written a brief history of Argentina in the style to which we have become accustomed to seeing applied to Israel. The text below is my – slightly shortened – translation. Readers may wish to to take a look at the history of their own country through a similar lens.

Argentina is a country which won its independence thanks to an alliance with Great Britain, the superpower of the day. Functioning as the advance guard for the interests of imperial Britain, the first thing it did after its bourgeois revolution of 1810 (which allowed for freer trade, trade being the only thing the Argentines are good for, buying cheap and selling dear) was to attack its neighbor Brazil and expand into Uruguay in order to dominate the waters of the Río Paraná.

The Argentines finished the work that had been started by the Spaniards and exterminated the indigenous inhabitants of their country but not before appropriating their cultural traditions and presenting them as their own (e.g. el mate). This Holocaust continues to be carried out up to the present day by means of the hunger inflicted on the few remaining Toba and Wichi people who live in the north east of the country. And this in spite of the fact that Argentina produces enough food to feed hundreds of millions of people, thanks to the high productivity of the land that was stolen from the very same indigenous people.

After forming a land-owning aristocracy (of European origin, just like its governing elite) Argentina, along with Brazil and Uruguay, embarked on a genocidal war against Paraguay and massacred about half its population, including women and children. The war ended with Argentina stealing that part of Paraguay’s national territory which now forms the Argentine provinces of Missiones and Formosa. During the same period Argentina took advantage of the fact that Chile was at war with Bolivia and Perú to occupy and colonize Chilean Patagonia.

Unable to manage their differences and sustain a democratic political system, Argentines spent a large part of the 20th century being governed by the armed forces or by weak civilian governments that were closely supervised by the military. Towards the middle of the 20th century a colonel who admired Mussolini and Franco invented the ideology which continues to dominate the country. This proves that Argentina is in essence a racist, fascist and Nazi nation and that the Nazi poison has taken root in the entire population. If anyone has any doubts about this they should take note of the fact that after WWII Argentine gave refuge to Nazi war criminals while it had denied entry to Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust.

The country’s last military government, which came to power with broad civilian support, murdered thousands of people and “disappeared” 30,000 more. During this period the bloodthirsty Argentine people almost launched a fratricidal war against their Chilean neighbors over three uninhabited islands. The Pope had to intervene to prevent a massacre.

Argentina is a confessional state which, according to its constitution, “supports the Roman Catholic Church”, a provision which means that only the Catholic Church receives money from the state. Catholicism imposes itself on all citizens of Argentina. Crucifixes and crosses are present in (supposedly lay) registry offices, Catholic religious festivals ( such as Christmas, the Immaculate Conception and Easter) are national holidays and, just in case anyone had any doubts on this matter, on the 25th of May – the national holiday which commemorates the revolution of 1810 – the President of Argentina attends a Te Deum at the National (Catholic) Cathedral. All non-Catholics in Argentina are, therefore, second class citizens.

In Argentina today immigrants from neighboring countries are subjected to discriminatory treatment and are reduced to doing jobs that Argentines refuse to do, such as domestic service and construction work. Furthermore, the bulk of them live in sprawling urban slums, along with poor Argentines.

The inherently racist nature of Argentines becomes evident when they travel abroad and display their aggressive temperament and airs of superiority. Their own neighbors can’t stand them.

Argentina is, therefore, an offence to humanity, a cancer in the region and should be wiped off the map.