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Pretty Pathetic Things

This is a guest post by Chas Newkey-Burden

During Thursday’s Dispatches documentary ‘Unseen Gaza’ Jon Snow poured scorn on the Israeli government’s handling of the media during Operation Cast Lead, particularly the decision to exclude foreign journalists from Gaza during the fighting. I’m sure that exclusion was very frustrating for the media but if Snow wants someone to blame for it, he should look at the many Western journalists who routinely produce distorted, anti-Israel coverage.

For instance, who is this on Channel 4 News describing Qassam rockets as “pretty pathetic things – nobody gets injured”?

Why, it’s Jon Snow.

The Israelis who have been killed by Qassam rockets – many who died prior to Snow’s “pretty pathetic” description – would disagree with his assessment. It’s exactly that sort of distortion that led the director of Israel’s government press office to say:

“Any journalist who enters Gaza becomes a fig leaf and front for the Hamas terror organization, and I see no reason why we should help that.”

Take a look closer to home if you want someone to blame for the exclusion, Jon.