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Time to secure Thai embassy, Man City ground

The Thai military has towed hundreds of Burmese Muslim refugees out to sea in boats with no engines and with their hands bound. Up to 500 may have died, The Times reports.

The refugees are members of the Rohingya minority, who are Muslim, stateless and persecuted by the Burmese military junta. Many of the refugees have been rescued by Indian officials, but several hundred are still missing.

Survivors told Indian officials they were promised jobs in Thailand and Indonesia by agents in Bangladesh.

“Soon after they set sail they were captured by some men wearing what they described as Thai army and navy uniforms. After their capture they said they were taken to an island off the Thai coast and beaten up before being forced into boats and pushed into the high seas,” Mr Narayan said.

So we can confidently expect furious protests outside the Thai embassy, boycotts of Thai restaurants (hopefully no window smashing or violent attacks) and even at the Manchester City ground for the club’s former connection with the disgraced ex-Thai prime minister, Thakin Shinawatra.

Can’t we?