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Laying the blame

Despite the downright obsessive efforts of people too numerous to mention, the latest YouGov/Sunday Times poll reveals that by 24 to 18 percent, more Britons blame Hamas than Israel for the recent conflict. Thirty-nine percent blame both equally and 19 percent said they didn’t know.

Smashing up Starbucks and attacking police probably didn’t have the intended persuasive effect either.

As I reported earlier, Americans are far more likely to blame Hamas and far less likely to say both sides are equally to blame.

So how to account for the difference? Is it a legacy of the British Mandate in Palestine? More pro-Israel evangelical Christians in the US? Americans being generally stupider (or smarter) than Brits? More thorough and effective Zionist control of the US media?


Perhaps those who have spent extended times in both countries have some thoughts.

(Hat tip: cjcjc)