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A Lefty in Israel

This is a guest post by Sharon Dolev

Please allow me to steal a few minutes of your time, and share my

In the last few days, a small group has been demonstrating in the
entrance of an Air Force base in Tel Aviv. The reason we stand there is
that this is the place most air force fighters use to fly to their bases
around Israel.

We hold signs calling on them to refuse orders to bomb civilians and
children. This is one of many demonstrations against the war held by
Israelis and taking place on a daily basis.

This very quiet vigil provokes very strong feelings among passers-by,
the military, and the fire brigade across the street. The fire brigade,
even though they are not allowed to express political opinions while on
duty, threw eggs at us and, when we didn’t move, brought forward their
fire engines, with cranes and tried to wash us away.

Since I happened to be on the edge of the vigil, they managed to use one
hose to isolate me, and the other to get me soaked wet. When they
decided I can’t get any wetter, they kept only the hose they used to
separate me from the group, and came together, all in uniform, with
their commanding officer, to rip my sign, and to tell me again and
again, that I need to get inside the station and (my apologies) give
them all head (oral sex).

The under-cover police were there. We kept calling the police asking
them to send someone, and they did nothing.

We, at the more extreme left in Israel, always knew that we are, for
some, fair game. That we, as they put it so nicely, “should be killed
even before the Hammas”. Violence was always part of the response to our
activities, but violence by the fire brigades, with the police refusing
to act, is a new escalation.

We will continue our demonstrations, and we truly believe in what we do.
But at the same time, we know that we are not effective. We are not
effective because the media refuses to cover us.

The media in Israel refuses to cover us because it would harm the
soldiers’ morale, and because, at times of war, we put democracy on hold
and our “brave” media becomes drafted media.

But what about the media outside Israel? After all, they are all so
interested in Israel. Why don’t they ever show us? Is it because it is
too hard to show that not all is just black and white? Is it because it
might not go well with the quite fair anti-Israel motions?

I know. My feelings, my disappointment, my fear, are nothing in
comparison to the fear of the people, the families and the children in
Gaza. They are also nothing in comparison to the people living in Sderot
and in the south of Israel.

But today, I am afraid.

In my country, I’m a traitor. Fair game. But the minute I leave Israel,
I’m an Israeli. Not a lefty. An Israeli, an occupier, and again – fair

And my last point is that there can be a million demonstrations around
the world against Israel. That won’t make Israel listen. But a million
demonstrations for Peace and full coverage of what we do here in Israel
will keep us safer, and might make a difference.

Please, if you know reporters, if you have connections, ask media people
to start showing Israeli opposition to the war. It is time our voice is

If you demonstrate, please do it in a way that will make a difference.
Not just anti-Israel, but with signs calling for a cease fire and the
acceptance of UN resolution 1860 by both sides.

Thank you for listening.