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Why this conflict?

The BBC’s Middle East correspondent, Jeremy Bowen writes on his blog:

I’m struck by the constant Israeli message that “any other country in the world would do the same”. Would they? Comparisons are difficult, because the century-long conflict between the Arabs and the Jews is one of a kind.

I’m not saying, by the way, that there are not any other long-running, bitter and bloody conflicts in the world.

But I don’t know of another one which has so many international ramifications, and above all I don’t know of one that has the same capacity to enrage people all over the world, even if they have never been to this small patch of the planet.


How can a journalist so glibly state this a fact without making the slightest effort to ask why this might be the case and whether or not he’s colluding in creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What other conflict get’s this sort of blow-by-blow media exposure? People die in their hundreds in this conflict, but in their hundreds of thousands in other conflicts that get a fraction of the media’s obsession, the UN’s attention, or the public interest.

Why does this one tiny conflict which involves a population roughly the size of London’s have  more capacity “to enrage people all over the world” and greater “international ramifications” than any other?

Is it not time the media took a step back to see if they are wagging the dog?

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