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New Statesman Hypocrites

Almost every New Statesman journalist is a member of the National Union of Journalists. An employer with a level of union membership that high is likely to have a statutory right to union recognition.

For that reason, a sympathetic employer would normally enter into a “voluntary recognition agreement” with that union, to facilitate collective bargaining. The alternative is dragging the employer to court to gain recognition. That’s how labour law works.

Not a problem, you might think. After all, the New Statesman is part owned by a Labour MP, Geoffrey Robinson. And, according to the Staggers website:

The New Statesman was created in 1913 with the aim of permeating the educated and influential classes [i.e. you and me] with socialist ideas.

Yeah. If you’ll allow me a moment of hyperbole, not recognising free and independent trade unions is a hallmark of the type of “socialism” practiced in places like Cuba and the People’s Republic of China.

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