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Galloway: “shut down Israel’s shops”

The Guardian reports:

In one of several speeches delivered in Kensington Gardens, George Galloway, leftwing MP for the Respect party, called on protesters to go to shopping centres and “shut down Israel’s shops” in what was believed to be a reference to retailers, including Marks & Spencer, which have come under fire for selling Israeli-sourced goods.

Well, I suppose that’s one possible interpretation. But wait a minute. Wouldn’t that include every shop that sells computers or cell phones?

Shabba adds: Can anyone think of an Israeli high-street shop? I can’t. So what on earth could Galloway have meant by “shut down Israel’s shops”?

In his hate-filled rant yesterday, Galloway also called the Labour government “rancid traitors to the interests of the British people”.

Again, I am not sure exactly what Galloway means. If the Labour government is not working for the interests of the British people, whose interests are they serving? Erm, surely he’s not saying……..