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The beginning of wisdom

Over at Socialist (dis)Unity, John (“International Jewry”) Wight has posted without comment a series of lies signed by Khalid Mish’al, the Damascus-based head of the Hamas political bureau. (Among others, Yasser Arafat was “murdered by poisoning.”)

To which one commenter replies:

This has to be the end of socialist integrity in this country.

Effectively, unconditional support for Hamas.
Socialists can wriggle and squirm but we are deluding ourselves. We are supporting the nastiest bunch of totalitarian thugs pretending to be a government.
We make out Hamas is some kind of heroic resistance but close our eyes and ears to its horrors.
Islam has bloody borders but it has bloody innards too.

I have left the SWP -I just can’t take any more.

Update: Gsirrah writes in the comments:

Gene, this would be a great post about certain Socialists and their Islamist allies were it not for your apparent endorsement of the position that “Islam has bloody borders but it has bloody innards too.” You’re championing as “The beginning of wisdom” the views of somebody who clearly conflates Hamas with Islam as a whole. I assume this is not what you intended?

Indeed it’s not what I intended, and I appreciate and take the point. I should have criticized that part of the comment as being unfair to the vast majority of peaceful Muslims.