US anti-imperialists on Gaza

This blog does have a tendency to dwell on the views of minor UK leftist sects at times. What about minor US leftist sects? has a round-up of their important views. It is hardly impressive material. The typical knee-jerk boilerplate found elsewhere. It is the lingua franca of that part of the left. Here is Socialist Action News:

Since it withdrew its occupation of Gaza, the Zionist rulers of Israel have maintained it as an open-air prison and most of the time as a shooting gallery. Now they have made it an extermination camp. The December 27-29 premeditated slaughter of almost 300 Palestinians, with another 1,000 wounded, has horrified the world, and especially the Arab masses, who sympathize with the Palestinians.

The Palestinian people have been relegated to the status of vermin in their own land by the Zionist colonizers and their U.S. imperialist backers.
Socialist Action has never recognized the legitimacy of the Zionist State of Israel just we reject extending any legitimacy to nations conquered and occupied by imperialist colonizers anywhere in the world, past and present.

We unconditionally support the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, that is, to a democratic secular Palestine to be re-constituted on the original Palestine lands and with the right of all Palestinians to return.

So, no two-state solution then. I’m also slightly perplexed how Socialist Action think Hamas (who by extension they seem to be supporting unconditionally) might bring about a democratic secular Palestine.

Exactly how many nations could Socialist Action extend any legitimacy to if they discount those that involved the odd bit of conquering and occupation (past and present)? Presumably, that extends to the Roman Empire and Arab conquests in the 7th century? Or does it go further?

Gaza for the Canaanites?

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