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Morning Star now free to the millions

Socialist Unity brings the welcome news that the Communist Party of Britain-affiliated Morning Star has finally ditched its subscriber-only firewall and is now free to the people on the Internet.

According to Morning Star webmaster Carl Worswick, “This is something that I have been pushing for for some years and will allow millions of new readers to see behind the lies of the right-wing press.”

Um, millions?

A couple of years ago George Galloway wrote an article for The Morning Star purporting to tell “the truth on Sudan.” Even though I couldn’t access the entire piece, I wrote:

Judging from available evidence, the truth [according to Galloway] seems to have something to do with Western imperialists lusting after Sudan’s oil and using the genocide in Darfur (or non-genocide, as Galloway assures us) as an excuse to get into the country and start pumping it out of the ground.

And now that I can see the entire article for free, it turns out– wait for it– that I was right.