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Lendman’s back

When last we encountered one Stephen Lendman, he was at the pro-Chavez website defending El Presidente’s indefensible decree requiring Venezuelans to comply with requests for information from the secret police or pro-Chavez community groups.

And no, it wasn’t me who called the decree indefensible– it was Chavez, who reversed himself after a storm of criticism. So Lendman is still on the record defending Chavez’s abandoned decree as “long overdue and urgently needed given the Bush administration’s tenure winding down and its determination in its remaining months to end the Bolivarian project and crush its participatory democracy.”

I can find no evidence that Lendman either reversed his own position to match Chavez’s or (more daringly) denounced Chavez for discarding the “urgently needed” measure.

Now Lendman is back, writing for The Palestine Chronicle about Barack Obama’s nefarious ties to you-know-who:

A new administration is taking shape. Nearly all of its top officials have been announced. In less than a month, it will assume office, so how will it address Occupied Palestine? Negligently and with disdain from the man James Petras calls “America’s First Jewish President,” Barack Obama, in quoting a prominent Chicago Jew, a former congressman, federal judge, Clinton White House Counsel, and early Obama supporter – Abner Mikvner.

I think he means Abner Mikva. It seems Mikva (whose name Petras also got wrong) called Obama the first Jewish president (as I sort of did) and Petras agreed– but not in a nice way. Petras writes that Obama, Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates “are, in effect, Zionized Zombies, eager to fawn and truckle, even to grotesque excesses, at every wink and gesture, signaling military handouts, UN vetoes and repeated provocative acts of war against Iran.” It should not surprise you to learn that Petras is a regular contributor to CounterPunch.

Lendman continues:

Obama has been carefully groomed and vetted for his job, surrounded by pro-Israeli zealots, transformed into a committed “Israel-Firster,” well-indocrinated, funded and considered safe.

Of course Melanie Phillips is among those with a different opinion. But hey– what’s left for us Zionists to do except cackle and rub our hands in glee at our latest triumph?

(Hat tip: Maven.)