Rees’s Gaddafyesque Praetorian Guard of Women

The self destruction of the Socialist Workers’ Party is, of course a joy to behold.

And now there is a suggestion that it may be about to enter its final, Healeyan phase.

Madam Miaow – a stand up comedian called Anna Chen – has been claiming that the SWP is a hotbed of anti-Chinese racism. The evidence is that a SWP district organiser once said that “UK Chinese were petit bourgeois on the basis that the “Chinese all work in catering”.

Andy Newman agrees: because “the Chinese are argubaly subject to more racism, misunderstanding and prejudice in Britain than any other racial group

But last night, a cryptic claim was made. I am still trying to work out precisely what Comrade Rees is being accused of:

I’m only one of many activists who came into the movement with an open heart, ready to learn and eager to work, only to have our labour appropriated by the little pashas, to be thieved from, and find ourselves fallen under some sort of power droit de seigneur, especially if you were unfortunate to find yourself on Rees’s Gaddafyesque Praetorian Guard of women.”

Can anybody work out what this means?