Memo to Catholics

Your leader is a hate-mongering lunatic.

With leaders like this, the Catholic Church is fast becoming to sexuality what the BNP is to race.

David T adds:
I do not think that it is any of my business, what a religious person believes to be true in his heart. Religious people may believe that people who do not share their beliefs will burn in Hell for eternity. This is their prerogative. Very many religious people believe things which are nasty and absurd, as do non-religious people. They keep these ideas segregated in their mind, and as part of a unified whole, they make up a picture of the world, and an ethical code, that typically will contain much that is good and valuable.

What counts is not what people think, but what they do.

What the Pope appears to have done – depending on the interpretation one gives to his words – is to put himself fully behind a political agenda that has successfully provoked the systematic persecution of gay people throughout the world.

He has preached a gospel of hatred and denigration.