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The SWP’s Chris Harman Blames The “Right Wing Islamists”

In the middle of a long rambling trot screed, SWP Central Committee member Chris Harman gives us this:

In my view it would have been much better had there, for instance, been a wider discussion in the party at the time of the launch of Respect, wider discussions about how to react as Galloway began to orient to Muslim notables and right wing Islamists at the time of the General Election in 2005, and wider discussion on our running in the London mayoral election (even though on this I think we had no choice.)

Just two points.

1.  Time was that merely pointing out that RESPECT involved the Socialist Workers Party is a a coalition (ahem) ‘right wing Islamists’ resulted in screeches of “Islamophobia”.

It now appears that the SWP is itself guilty of conducting what the convicted terrorist, Mohammed Harrath has described as an “anti-Islamist driven witch-hunt“.

2. It is a bit rich of Chris Harman to be boohooing about the strategy of partnering with “right wing Islamists”. It was Chris’ own strategy: set out in his 1994 work, the Prophet and the Proletariat.

Do you think that the realisation that the SWP came a cropper by working with the, ahem “right wing” Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami will mean that the SWP will stop touring these clerical fascists around Britain, and providing political cover for them?

Not a chance.

But at least the SWP are honest about their dealings with the far right of the political spectrum.

That’s an improvement, of sorts.


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