Game For a Laugh

Now, I’ve got into a little bit of trouble recently, for blithely assuming that Socialist Workers’ Party’s journalists are also members.

Similarly, I wasn’t aware, until this week, that the SWP had 2000 “unregistered members“: i.e. people who are kind of like members, but aren’t, um, registered.

So obviously I want to be careful here. “Eric” on the Socialist Unity blog says:

i thought most people knew that John Game resigned from the SWP a few weeks ago.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that I do not know whether this is true or not.

However, if it is true, here’s an open invitation to John Game to write 400 words (if he can manage it) on why he chose to leave the SWP, and whether he has yet decided upon the best party to join next.

Which is it. Hamas or Hezbollah?



Joyous news!

John Game has emailed me to confirm that he remains a member of the SWP, and that the Smallest Mass Party In The World has not, by reason of his departure, become that little bit smaller.