Iraq,  Islamism

The Right to Resist

Salma Yaqoob:

The impression is created that all Muslims who are critical of the impact of foreign policy – and certainly any Muslim who recognises the rights of those in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq to resist the occupation of their countries – give succour to those who preach the language of violent extremism here.

Resisting occupation

A suicide bomber who was believed to be just 12 years old killed three Royal Marines in a bloody 24 hours for British forces in which five servicemen died in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Both the Afghan attacks were in the Sangin district, the first at about 10am. Marines from 45 Commando were on foot patrol passing through a village when they were approached by a boy pushing a wheelbarrow containing the bomb, which exploded.

This is what Salma Yaqoob, and RESPECT, supports.

Never forget