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Transgressing all the limits of tolerance

If for some reason you’re not regularly reading Generation Y, the blog of the Cuban dissident Yoani Sanchez, here is the latest:

The Ministry of the Interior ordered Yoani and her husband in for a chat (actually Ministry people did most of the talking) and told them that a planned workshop for Cuban bloggers in Pinar del Río would not take place. (The workshop happened anyway via other methods. Here’s the press release.)

Although the Ministry people refused to give Yoani anything in writing, here is how she remembers their warning:

We want to warn you that you have transgressed all the limits of tolerance with your rapprochement and contacts with counter-revolutionary elements. This totally disqualifies you for dialog with Cuban authorities.

The activities planned for the coming days cannot carried out.

We, for our part, will take all measures, make the relevant denunciations and take the necessary actions. This activity, in this moment in the life of the Nation, recuperating from two hurricanes, will not be allowed.

Yoani mentions almost off-handedly “the constant agent we’ve had with us since last Thursday,” the day after the session at the Ministry.

Think about this: there are actually people who call themselves Leftists who believe the regime that dispatched this agent is more worthy of solidarity than a brave blogger like Yoani Sanchez.

Update: Writing at the Mother Jones website, Marc Cooper has more, including this:

Last week the Castro government also imposed a new measure ordering Internet service providers to “prevent access to sites where the content is contrary to the social interest, morals or good customs; as well as the use of applications that affect the integrity or security of the State.”

On the other hand, one of our persistent commenters assures us that “Cuba is changing.”

(Hat tip: mesquito.)