Time for direct action on climate change?

Traveling home tonight, on public transport, I wondered if the UK population would ever re-consider its behaviour with regard to cars (responsible for 51% of transport emissions). Even with the pressing need for action on climate change, it seems that sheer inertia will prevent many considering public transport as an alternative.

We even flaunt our energy wasting ways at home. People are starting their own personal Laplands up; several houses are already festooned with neon “icicles” and one house even has a six foot tall angel of light on the front lawn. With climate change threatening major disruption in years to come, disproportionately affecting the poor and those who didn’t even benefit from the carbon already released, shouldn’t we doing something to tackle these profligate wastes of energy?

I wondered if a campaign of direct action might be in order.

The night-time slashing of car tyres, the pulling down of Christmas lights, the smashing of garden heaters, and the decapitation of the shining angel might make people think about their transport choices and use of energy. Surely such direct action is warranted given the seriousness of the situation?

Or perhaps it might make me look like a self-righteous twat with no respect for others, or the law, and fatally undermine my cause?