Latest Democratiya

The latest edition of Democratiya is online and really has an impressive line-up of contributors and arguments:

First, how should progressives respond to the Islamism? The Director of the Quilliam Foundation Maajid Nawaz writes on the roots of violent Islamism. Maryam Namazie announces the launch of ‘One Law for All: The Campaign Against Sharia.’ Lyn Julius reviews Nathan Weinstock’s analysis of dhimmitude, and there is an in-depth interview with Andrew G. Bostom on the troubled history and legacy of Islamic anti-Semitism.


Second, where should we stand on Afghanistan? Terry Glavin, founder of the Canadian-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee, sends us a powerful and provocative report on his recent visit, calling for a surge in solidarity with our comrades in that country, to match Obama’s anticipated troop surge. Irfan Khawaja, reviewing the work of Sarah Chayes, strikes a more sceptical tone, calling for a careful, chastened and strategic rethink of policy towards Afghanistan if we are to avoid the mistakes of the past 8 years.


Third, can President Barack Obama inaugurate an era of hard-headed progressive internationalism? Will Marshall, Bill Clinton’s ‘ideas-mill’, writes on the foreign policy Obama will need to pursue. Lawrence J. Haas, Al Gore’s ex-Communication Director maps the terrain Obama will have to fight on. Thomas Hale, special assistant to Anne Marie Slaughter argues Obama should seize the moment to radically deepen democracy. Labourstart Director Eric Lee puts the case for the passage of labour law reform to top the Democrats’ legislative agenda in 2009. The Progress Progressive Internationalism Group, a British Labour Party group, have published a white paper ‘Progressive Multilateralism: A Truly Global Society.’  


Lots more as well. Well worth checking out.