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Mumbai and the ‘US Shadow Government’: Lee Barnes’ latest conspiracy theories

This is a guest post by Edmund Standing of I Kid You Not

Eric has a post about Lee Barnes, BNP ‘legal director’ and all-round loudmouth nutcase. The post looks at Barnes’ response to the Mumbai attacks, which includes ranting about ‘the benefits of diversity’ and ‘the benefits of Multi-Culturalism’, along with the rallying cry: ‘Wrap the dead bodies of these Jihadist scum in pig skins and then bury them somewhere secret’.

Barnes, of course, hates America and Israel as much as he hates Jihadists (whom he hates first and foremost because some of them are ‘British born Pakistanis’, rather than because they are murdering, terrorist bastards with no respect for human rights).

In fact he hates America even more, as seen in this recent post on his blog, for ‘the US are the biggest terrorists on the planet’. Barnes is a ‘troofer’ – he thinks 9/11 and 7/7 were both orchestrated by secret services, duping Islamist pawns into doing their dirty work. It turns out he also thinks Mumbai was planned by a ‘Shadow Government’ and yet again cites loudmouth conspiracy radio host Alex Jones’ infomercial-masquerading-as-a-news-site, Prison Planet.

According to Barnes, ‘false flag operations and operatives’ were behind Mumbai, planned by a ‘Shadow Government’ in America, a front for the ‘US Military-Industrial Complex’, which is co-run by ‘Neo-Conservatives’ and ‘Neo-Trotskyites’.

Here are the essentials of the ‘theory’:

The timing of this attack was planned to allow India to exert strong Military pressure on Pakistan at the same time as the US is bombing Pakistani territory.

This attack on India has resulted in Pakistani troops being moved to the Indian border, which has ensured that less troops are on the Afghan border thereby allowing US special forces more free movement for insurgent operations in Pakistan itself – thereby giving the US more room to attack Pakistani based targets.

The aim of these US air and special forces attacks in Pakistan though is not to get the Taliban – the aim of the attacks on Pakistan is in order to destabilise Pakistan itself for one reason – to remove the Islamic world of the nuclear weapons held by Pakistan.

The actual evidence that the US orchestrated the Mumbai attacks? None.
The basis for the claim? Speculation on ‘who benefits?’

What makes no sense at all is the fact that Barnes talks of the evils of Jihadists while at the same time seeming appalled at the prospect that Pakistan – a country with many Jihadists and supporters of Jihad among its population – should no longer be a nuclear power.

But, then again, this is a BNP spokesman and conspiracy theorist we are talking about, not a serious political thinker (or serious thinker on any topic, as far as I can see).