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Pomposity Pricked

For those with better things to do than plough through the hundreds of pages of secondhand opinion marinaded for months in an unappealing stew of verbosity that constitutes the published work of a certain self important blogger here’s an Amazon UK review of Richard Seymour’s book The Liberal Defence of Murder:

 “God have mercy on my soul for I have never seen such an assault on the English language as the one presented here. I defy any rational human being to read more than ten pages of this extraordinary travesty without feeling the urge to end it all quickly and quietly. My wife found me weeping and loading the pistol, but luckily had bought a puppy that day and presented it to me as I raised the firearm to my temple. Looking into its innocent eyes I realised life could go on, and that just because some lunatic had tortured and murdered a once proud language with such relish, I didn’t have to leave a comely girl widowed and a dog without a master.”

Amazon asks: Was this review helpful for you?

Bang on target I’d say.