iEngage Plays Hunt The Jew

You’ll remember that Inayat Bunglawala and his mates from the Islam Channel and Islamophobia-Watch were planning to launch an “Islamophobia Media Monitoring and Response Agency“, that they were planning to call “Blackstone”: a reference to a sacred meteorite in Mecca.

In the end, they settled on “Engage” – a name already in use by the the anti-racist, pro-two states campaign group Engage.

I’d doubt that was a mistake. Because Inayat Bunglawala – like most Islamists – is absolutely obsessed with Jews. Not Zionists and Zionism. But Jews.

If you’ve read Ed Husein’s book, The Islamist, you’ll know that he used to attend meetings with Inayat at which anti-semitism was the dish of the day. You will also remember that Inayat used to edit the pro-Islamic Republic of Iran, pro-Hamas Trends magazine, which contained regular doses of anti-semitism, including this beautiful snippet:

“The chairman of Carlton Communications is Michael Green of the Tribe of Judah. He has joined an elite club whose members include fellow Jews Michael Grade and Alan Yentob … [They are] close friends … so that’s what they mean by a ‘free media’.”

Nowadays, Inayat tries to keep a hat on his racism. But like most racists, he just can’t help himself – it keeps bubbling out. Recently, Inayat got rapped on the knuckles for breach of the principles of the Press Complaints Commission’s anti-discrimination provision.

And so, to today’s offering.

Most of you will know that LloydsTSB has stopped providing facilities, via the Islamic Bank of Britain, to Interpal. Interpal has been banned by a number of jurisdictions, which believe that it provides funding to Hamas projects. Lloyds TSB is not the first bank to withdraw services to Interpal.  Banks withdraw services for commercial, not ideological reasons: and the main reason that LloydsTSB will have closed these accounts will have been fear of exposure to litigation in the US, by the victims of terrorism, and fear of enforcement activity under anti-terrorism sanctions law.

You might think that it is unfair and cowardly that financial institutions act in this manner. But that’s how they think and act.

Not according to iEngage. They know precisely what LloydsTSB’s reason for declining to service Interpal.

You see, they’ve discovered that LloydsTSB’s chairman is a Jew:

The Chairman of Lloyds TSB is Sir Victor Blank. He happens to be Jewish and according to the Jewish Chronicle Sir Victor ‘is a former chair of the Union of Jewish Students Hillel, he is involved with Labour Friends of Israel, is a governor of Tel Aviv University and has also been brought on to the Jewish Leadership Council, meaning he is both Jewish and a leader…Yes, Sir Victor is one Jewish hombre.’

Well, we at ENGAGE are sure that Sir Victor Blank – as Chairman of Lloyds TSB – must be utterly horrified at the actions that some of his staff have undertaken against Interpal. After all, we are convinced that Sir Victor would not regard Palestinian orphans as being children of a lesser God.

Children of a lesser God?

They”re not talking about Mark Medoff’s award winning play about a school for the deaf.

What they mean is ‘we think that the Chairman of LloydsTSB has decided to punish Palestinian orphans for religious reasons: because he regards himself, as a Jew, as special to God, and others, as lesser beings”.

Google “Children of a lesser God” and “Jewish”, and you’ll see that the notorious anti-semite and Borat impersonator, “Israel Shamir” is the top hit.

iEngage – fighting Islamophobia by peddling anti-semitism.