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“This is a story without comment”

Pickled Politics reports:

Press TV, a 24-hour English language news channel, is set to give British viewers a genuine alternative to the western establishment consensus when it launches on Sky on December 1. The broadcaster, whose headquarters is in Tehran but which has bureaux in all major world capitals, will go out on Sky Channel 515 adding to its global footprint via a dozen other satellites and its website. Press TV offers in-depth analysis of news and current affairs especially focusing on the Middle East.

Press TV has signed a number of politically diverse and high-profile presenters including MPs George Galloway and Derek Conway, broadcast personalities Nick Ferrari and James Whale, and political journalists Andrew Gilligan, Yvonne Ridley and Lauren Booth.

PressTV is the propaganda arm of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It invites neo Nazis to participate in programmes about Jews.  It publishes Holocaust denial.

The cost of a free society is, in part, that we must tolerate the efforts of a hostile power to beam its propaganda into our homes.

But what should we say of those broadcasters who make their living by working for this propaganda outfit?