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Mumbai gunmen ‘British-born’?

The Press Association reports:

Some of the gunmen involved in the Mumbai attacks are believed to be British-born Pakistanis, it was reported.

Indian news channel NDTV reported that “British citizens of Pakistani origin” were among the attackers.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: “We have seen the media reports but we are not aware of anything giving any credence to those reports at the moment.”

There’s always a lot of confusion and speculation at the early stages of any event like this. Conspiracism sets in very quickly, as we’ve seen. I really hope that this report is not true.


The Standard is reporting:

AT least two British-born Pakistanis are among the Mumbai terrorists, it was revealed today.

According to one source, as many as seven of the gunmen may have British connections and some may have come from the Leeds and Bradford area.

Two Britons were captured with eight other terrorists after commandos stormed two hotels and a Jewish centre to free hostages.


However my “sources” are now casting doubt on this claim.


The stories are increasingly confused.