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And here’s to you Mr Robinson

A BNP supporter, Mr Robinson, has recently been outed from the hiding place where no one ever goes because of the recent administrative difficulties the BNP have been experiencing with their membership list. He explains his political position and the relationship with National Socialism:

So how does he feel about the BNP’s connections with the extreme right, even with Nazi sentiments?

“There is an association but there are no actual links. We have Jewish members in the BNP.

It’s very doubtful how Jews can be pro-Nazi,” Mr Robinson said.

He insisted he was a member of the BNP because Britain was being overrun by foreigners.

Mr Robinson lives in Malta.

He is also not keeping up with current events.

Eight teenagers have been sentenced to time in jail by a court in Israel for carrying out a series of neo-Nazi attacks that shocked the nation.

The eight, aged from 16 to 19, were found guilty of attacking religious Jews, gays and drug addicts, and the desecration of a synagogue.

The group, immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union, were sentenced to between one and seven years in jail.