Nation shall speak unto Nation

For the first time, the Palestinian Authority has taken out advertisements in Israel’s Hebrew language press to promote the Saudi peace plan. The 2002 Saudi plan (in brief) offers diplomatic recognition of Israel in exchange for the lands captured in 1967, East Jerusalem and a “just solution” to the Palestinian refugee question. I don’t want to get into the details of the plan here, which broadly accords with what a majority of Israelis and Palestinians support, depending of course on your definition of a “just solution” for the refugees and the boundaries of East Jerusalem.

By going over the head of Israel’s fractious politicians, the PA has done something imaginative and productive, which hopefully will at least trigger debate. As the BBC reports:

The PA advertisement appears in the three main Hebrew dailies and is headed by the Palestinian and Israeli flags.

The text reads: “Fifty-seven Arab and Muslim countries will establish diplomatic relations with Israel in exchange for a full peace accord and the end of the occupation.”

The advert includes the full text of the seven-point initiative and is framed by the flags of 50 Arab and Muslim countries.