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Why Bounty Killer should not be welcome in the UK

Watch the video. Witness for yourself the way he whips up a crowd with violent antigay rhetoric like “”Faggots, I kill every one of them!” To cheers he urges people to drive “batty man” (gays) out of “our community”. Over the course of Bounty Killer’s tirade from the stage, he appears to blame “batty man” for everything from corruption of the nation’s morals to the country’s economic hardships. His 6 minute rant ends with more exhortations to kill, this time will added sound effects of gun shots. The crowd goes wild.

Perhaps you’re Jewish, Muslim, Sikh or Hindu. Perhaps you’re black, or Asian, or eastern European, whoever you are, imagine if someone who whipped up such violent hatred and prejudice against your community was coming to your town. How would you feel?

We live in a free country and enjoy freedom of speech. We are allowed to disagree – sometimes very robustly and even disrespectfully – over matters of politics, theology, philosophy and morality, or anything else. This issue is not about that. I would support Bounty Killer’s right to condemn homosexuality and to express his aversion to it, just as I would support anyone’s right to criticises other moral, religious, liefstyle, political, or economic stances, choices or ideas.

But to whip up this level of hostility and create such a potential for violence is inexcusable and unjustifyable.

Nevertheless, Bounty Killer has been granted a visa to perform in the UK and the Metropolitan Police have agreed to let this man’s concerts go ahead.


It the first one wasn’t too much for you, here’s another one from Sumfest 2008:

There can be no doubt that this sort of thing is a standard feature of his concerts.

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